Dear October - Day 26 | Jematie go shopping!

Dear October,

Today I am with Jemima of Another Ranting Reader. Everyone should check her blog out because to be honest, it's pretty fab. To go now, click here.

We have been shopping and bought a lot of good stuff that will satisfy my shopping cravings for a bit longer. I love shopping, October, as you may have seen. It makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to get all of this new stuff for myself.

We are also going to have a sleepover tonight and I am highly looking forward to watching Cinderella and About Time, two of Jemima and I's favourite films. Cinderella is my favourite film and character of all time. When I was younger, I wanted to be her because to me, she was that perfect person and she had cats and mice as pets, which made me happy. Also, birds sang to her. Why wouldn't you want that to happen to you. Unless you don't like birds. Or singing.

It's good to have friends that I can do things like go shopping with. It makes me happy and privileged that people would want me to be their friend, because in my eyes, I am a crap friend and see no reason for why anyone would like me.

So thank you Jemima for putting up with me!

Stay happy,

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