November Sum-Up

"Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree"! It is less than a month until Christmas and I am buzzing! I don't remember being this festive in the past 3 years of Christmas'! Here is my sum up for November!

Favourite Songs?
It has to be Dodie's new EP, Intertwined. It is the most beautiful EP and I am so happy for her. An exciting bit of this month is that my friend and I got tickets to see Dodie in March 2017 and I am SO EXCITED! Also, the new Hamilton Mixtape is out on the 2nd December and they have already released some of the songs onto Spotify, which is the coolest thing ever. Generally, my best playlist has been my playlist which has everything on, which is called "A Compilation of Beautiful Things", which you can look at here.

Favourite Part?
My favourite part of this month had to be going to see Tom Odell in concert in Brighton. I wrote a post on it which you can view here. I honestly enjoyed it so much and I can't wait until my next concert in December!

My Biggest Inspirations?
This month, my parents have really helped me with a lot of things. Also, my friends. They are just the most amazing, inspirational people ever, who can achieve so much and have achieved so much and I am truly proud of them and everything they do.

Lessons Learned?
That I don't have to impress everyone all the time. Not wearing makeup every day and wearing the same jumper two days in a row does not matter. It shouldn't affect your friendships, it won't affect your grades and unless you truly care that month, it won't affect your self-confidence, which is aways a benefit.

Favourite Pictures?

Stay happy,
Katie xx

My Holiday Time Goals

As it is coming to that festive time of the year (I think it is that time of year but many would disagree), I thought I would revert to my good old goals. Usually, I do monthly goals but I thought I would do more of a general "Christmassy" themed one. I hope you enjoy!

  • Buy everyone present that I am happy to give
  • Buy myself something for Christmas - sometimes you need to treat yourself
  • Study hard to the end of term exams
  • Enjoy the time leading up to Christmas - don't wish it away
  • Buy myself a ukulele - I had to give my other one back and I am feeling bereft without it
  • Write more blog posts
  • Start writing a new novel
  • Focus more on my flute grades

What are your goals this Christmas?

Stay happy,
Katie xx

I'm Magnetised...

On the 4th November, Anna (who runs A Fabulous Feminist), Maisie and I went to Brighton to watch Tom Odell in concert. I can well and truly say that words can not express how much I enjoyed that Friday night. The music was amazing, the company was fabulous and altogether the experience was incredible.

Once we got to the venue (after problems with buses, a bit of traffic and a quick stop off at McDonalds), we got straight in and went to the merchandise store, where all three of us bought the same t-shirt and within minutes, we were wearing them and looking fabulous.

There were two support acts that were both pretty incredible. Firstly, there was Johnny Lloyd, who was amazing and sang some really good songs. After, on came Rag'n'Bone Man. He started his set off with an acapella verse, using low notes and this just made it so atmospheric. I loved it and he is now on my playlists on Spotify because of it.

Then was the most exciting part. Although he was 20 minutes late, due to his drummer dislocating his shoulder and the drum technician having to do his first gig and sight read the music, he started and ended in the most incredible fashion. An hour and a half of Tom Odell is never a bad thing, but live was just the best.

One of the best bits for me was the fact that I didn't feel like I was going to panic once. I felt so good throughout and for me that is an achievement, especially since this is my first concert without a parent being close to hand.

Altogether, it was a pretty fabulous night and I would urge you all to see Tom Odell live whenever and where ever you can.

Stay happy,
Katie xx